Electrifying a better future for all

ThinQ Energy enables customers to thrive by saving them energy and money with their LG devices while promoting power grid resilience and sustainability all within the palm of their hand. LG devices connect within the ThinQ app to work smarter together and take energy savings to the next level for your home.
ThinQ features - heat pump water heater, heat pump wash combo, heatpump HVAC, induction cooktops, energy stat appliances, energy-storage-system, residentail EV charger
ThinQ features - heat pump water heater, heat pump wash combo, heatpump HVAC, induction cooktops, energy stat appliances, energy-storage-system, residentail EV charger

Electrifying everything,
starting at home

Home electrification is a key step when considering new products, particularly ones that rely on fossil fuels. LG ThinQ Energy offers solutions that directly benefit you.

Cleaner, more reliable energy

An all-electric home eliminates your carbon footprint. Feel good knowing that the air, in and outside of your home, is free of harmful contaminants.

Fewer blackouts

Going electric helps make the grid more resilient, and reduces the chances of an outage when energy is in peak demand.

A lower monthly bill

Save money automatically by reducing your dependence on unpredictable power prices.

Home Energy Management System

Manage your home, from your phone

One platform that does it all

LG’s Home Energy Management System (HEMS) monitors and manages the flow of energy within a home, ensuring greater efficiency without compromising comfort.

How does it work?

Simply connect and manage energy usage for each device in the LG ThinQ app. Using the energy features in our products together with HEMS, we can optimize device consumption while providing valuable insights.

Total control with the ThinQ app

See your energy in real time. Track your usage and tailor your energy preferences to optimize your home for max savings. In fact, homeowners can save an average of 20-40% on their annual bills.*

*Depending on location and size of the home.
Grid Services

Get rewarded for going electric

Grid Services is an energy-saving program from LG that rewards you for being energy efficient. All you have to do is lower your home’s usage during Energy-Saving Events—that’s it.

Saving energy, made easy

We’ve partnered with some of the country’s biggest utility companies to create Energy-Saving Events. When an event is happening in your area, we’ll notify you to reduce your home’s usage. It’s an easy way to save energy and money.

Earn rewards and so much more

Earn cash and other free rewards, plus get detailed reports on your home energy usage.

Take saving to the next level

Put even more back in your pocket by giving LG limited control of some devices, such as batteries and appliances. Opt out anytime.

Simplify your life with the LG ThinQ app

Manage all your devices in one place, whether you’re at home, on the go or chilling on a beach in Hawaii.

Electrify your way

Whether you’re looking to go fully electric all at once or prefer a step-by-step approach, we offer solutions designed to fit you. An LG Advisor can walk you through our energy products and answer any questions you may have.
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